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To get to the top level of vocal performance requires far more than technique alone. My two passions, music and psychology always seemed like they were destined to be separate. It wasn’t until I started teaching dozens of students many years ago that I realized that to reach the top level of professional vocal performance requires something much deeper and psychological than simply practice, scales, or exercises.

The vocal psychology sessions are as much about self-acceptance, self-healing and self-actualization as they are about learning how to sing.

We all know that music is an expression of emotion in its purest form. When we listen to Adele, Jessie J, Ed Sheeran or other pop stars, we can instantly tell whether or not a record was made from the heart — whether it was made with soul or not. But what is soul? What is heart? What is the purest form of emotional, vocal expression? I witnessed my students break down in tears when they finally hit that high note. I watched as the lyrics on the page transformed into something more, something heartfelt and honest. And I’ve heard people do things they never thought they could do, as soon as they changed those limiting thoughts, something purely in the realm of psychology.

Anyone can sing in a technically proficient way. But to create lasting art, that’s not enough! It’s the expression of a real, genuine emotion that will feel the most satisfying to you, as well as move your listener the most. Despite psychology being such a critical part of a world-class performanceit’s never been formally addressed. My unique approach offers not just technical voice lessons, but helps budding artists and hobbyists alike get more from their voice, more from their performance, more from themselves, and more from life.

Yeah, it’s that deep!

By focusing on the technical issues that hold back your voice, you will inevitably be confronted with emotional patterns on a deeper level. Removing emotional obstacles will allow you to use your voice powerfully and freely. 

As a vocal coach, I get to combine my education in psychology with my love for music. In my field, I have become known for providing far more than ‘just’ a vocal lesson. My sessions with students evolve into something offering lasting, deeper meaning. In my experience, your vocal issues are usually the same as your emotional issues. A nervous voice sounds different than a relaxed voice. Confidence sounds different than shyness. A happy person sounds different than a sad person. I can teach you how to be in control of your sound, how to use your emotions instead of feeling controlled by them. Let’s take you to that next level! 

Don’t be fooled, going “deeper” does not mean that lessons are more negative, painful, or overwhelming. If anything, it’s the exact opposite. I am very intuitive about how to make people feel extremely safe, what their potential is and how I can bring out their best, unique voice and stage presence. Also, I find it extremely important that my lessons are educational and really fun at the same time. 

Most of all, I want people to sing with their hearts and find their true voice!

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We can help you if:

you want to sing easier and better in any genre
you want to feel (more) comfortable using your own voice
you want to overcome your fear of singing and performing
you need help establishing your vocal identity and sound
you want to learn proven vocal techniques
you want to improve your (studio and/or stage) performance
you want to change the negative thoughts you have about your voice
and make singing an awesome, fun experience instead
you want to vocally reach a level you never thought possible
you wanna know how on earth Beyonce / Sam Smith / Ariana Grande do it
you want to truly sing your heart out



Maruja once began a career in psychology in The Netherlands after obtaining her Master’s Degree in Cognitive Psychology, but quickly realized music was her real passion in life. She signed a management and publishing deal with Sony/ATV in 2011 and has worked with several top producers, DJ’s and songwriters ever since, such as Jef Martens (Will.I.Am, Britney Spears) Jorgen Eloffson (Kelly Clarkson), Paul Oakenfold, Guy Chambers (Robbie Williams), Marcus Killian (Flo Rida), Fedde Le Grand, and Tearce Kizzo (Afrojack, Ne-Yo), to name a few.

“As a vocal coach, I mainly focus on vocal control, identity and interpretation. In general I want to bring out the best in each unique voice. My goal is to get you into better shape and use proven vocal techniques to enhance your unique sound. Technique in service of emotion. My other passion, vocal production, was a natural next step for me. I once started recording my own vocals in order to work faster and from the comfort of my own home. Soon enough, I fell in love with the whole process, and I decided to start Encantada Live in order to help other artists as well, something I enjoy very much. The nice thing is that – as a singer, vocal coach / producer – I have a unique set of skills that enable me to really connect with the artist, make them feel comfortable, understand what it is that I want to hear from them vocally, and how to gently direct them to the the best result. Production, editing and tuning is geared towards capturing the perfect fusion of tone, style and emotion to suit the essence of the voice and song. I feel when it’s right and I get a kick out of making somebody sound ‘international’.”


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